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Q. What is Natural fibre?

A. We use natural plant fibres such rattan, sisal, bamboo. Natural fibres can be both animal and plant fibres but at ShearWater Eco we only use fast growing plant fibres and where possible we also use waste such as coconut husks which we turn into household cleaning products.

Q. Are you a UK company?

A. Yes, we are a Cardiff based, UK registered company who innovate fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) in eco household products that are 100% naturally biodegradable. We invent both products and packaging that go back to source rather than being recycled or thrown to landfill.

Q. Is it true that you want to develop natural fibres in the UK?

A. Yes, we believe that there are immense possibilities to grow and manufacture natural fibre products in the UK and develop a solid manufacturing sector towards a more greener economy for Wales and the UK, creating green jobs whilst reducing carbon emissions and pollution.

Q. Why don't you use trees?

A. Trees take a long time to grow and we focus on reforestation rather than deforestation. We look at better alternatives that are more carbon efficient than trees. At present the UK toilet paper and paper industry imports paper pulp from over 26 different countries. Roughly 2% of the trees grown in the UK are used for paper products. We don't believe that this is a sustainable solution for the future and that is why we are constanting researching better alternatives for the environment.

Q. Do you manufacture in the UK?

A. At this time we are looking to manufacture natural fibre paper in the UK, our company is leading the way in sustainable research however we are limited with funds. Our products are manufactured close to the raw product and shipped directly from source to the UK. Our carbon footprint is much better as our raw materials are upto 40% more carbon efficient than using tree pulp even though our products are currently manufactured overseas. We definitely hope in the future to start producing our products in Wales. And we can do this with your continued support 

Q. How is the toilet paper produced to make it carbon efficient and where it says 'natural colour' does that mean it wasn't bleached etc? 

A.  Our products are a natural colour as we do not use any bleaching agents, inks or dyes. There are no harmful chemicals and the product is super absorbent and soft. We manufacture in SE Asia at present but these are our own manufacturers and we create our own products which are patented in the UK. Unfortunately the UK does not grow the types of natural fibres at this time but we are experimenting with different fibres here in Wales in the hope of being able to manufacture our products in Wales.
With regards to carbon offsetting, we have a very short supply chain, and that makes our carbon footprint very low. The materials we use including the cargo vessels are all green which off sets our carbon and yours.

Q.If you manufacture in SE Asia how do you ensure fair working conditions? Are your products fair trade?

A. Our manufacturers are independently audited by international government agencies rather than NGO's. This way we can ensure that they are sticking to international legislation on human rights, fair wages and equality.

We also personally visit and review all our manufacturers environmental policies in line with our own company standards and that of international standards. At present we are also in the process of acquiring our green dragon certification for Wales.