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Healthy People, Healthy Planet 

Saving the planet one wipe at a time

Pre order Tŷ Môr natural fibre toilet paper

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Tree less

Stronger and softer 

Plastic free

No plastics or micro plastics


And 900 sheets per roll

Natural Colour

Better quality too

No Bleaching Agents

No Harmfull Chemicals and no BPA

100% Biodegradable

Environmentally Friendly, recyclable, and carbon Positive

Pre order Tŷ Môr toilet paper

Saving the world one wipe at a time

About us

We are a company whose heart and soul belongs to the environment and protecting our natural resources for future generations. We promote the use of fast growing, renewable, natural fibre materials that are sustainable for both the environment and our pockets.

Our vision is to see a world with no more habitat loss, which is why we partner with organizations all over the world to ensure global standards are high and constantly improved.

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Our Ethos

ShearWater Eco™ adopts a philosophy of inclusion with our suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that they are adapting to more environmentally sound business models.

We not only support our partners but we constantly monitor and vett their production facilities our selves whilst providing guidance and advice on enhancing their environmental and ecological standards.

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

I have to do something and I know what I have to do.
ShearWater Eco Ltd was born out of a vision that environmentally friendly products that are used in daily human life should be affordable to all. 

Ethical Sourcing

Our vetting process is stringent, ensuring that the correct checks have been conducted with both our direct and indirect suppliers. International as well as local certification checks with FSC, ISO, and global testing bodies are carried out by our company before we sign any contract.

Our Ethos is our business which is why you are guaranteed the best business standards and practice when partnering with ShearWater Eco™.

We are all aware of the massive levels of pollution affecting not only our oceans
but vast areas of the natural world.

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