Our story so far...

At the Ocean film festival in Porthcawl in October 2018, I saw the devastation of pollution not only in our oceans but all through our natural world. As a long time environmental campaigner, organic farmer and ethical business woman, I was dumbstruck that the situation was so dire. I know there are solutions and this is where ShearWater Eco was born. My fascination for marine birds and the dire state of these amazing creatures lead me to not only take the name of my favourite bird (the ShearWater Manx) but to create affordable eco products.

Yes, affordable, why? Cause we need everyone to help save this planet and not all of us are able to afford organic food or ethical products. And this is where your story starts. Not only are we producing environmentally friendly products but we are providing those products at prices that everyone can afford.

Plastic free, treeless, zero waste eco friendly luxury household products with a low carbon footprint by an independent UK brand. No chemicals or BPA, reusable, recyclable and home compostable packaging with vegetable inks. Paper packed directly in boxes to avoid more waste. Ty Mor = House of Sea in Welsh, yes, we are that local!

What We Do
What We Do

We innovate natural fibre, ecological and environmentally sustainable household products. Our motto and ethos is to create a system of business and products that have little to no impact on the natural world and as a small company we believe that we can do it.

We work with growers and innovators all over the world to create products from natural fibres such as hemp, sisal, bamboo, rattan, banana fibres, cactus, and pretty much any fibre that is fast growing in a natural environment and does not require deforestation.

We try our best to avoid using cotton or wood as we prefer to use materials that are growing wild in their natural surroundings and are farmed sustainably.

SWE Foundation

The ShearWater Eco (SWE) foundation supports grassroots animal welfare organizations, marine conservation, habitat conservation, research projects and wild life conservation including reforestation.

We work jointly with governments and non-governmental organizations to ensure correct measures are in place to protect our natural world.

What We Do
  • At the SWE Foundation we invest our own capital and time to lobby for structural change with regards to the environment. Part of our promise is to ensure that fauna and flora are given the opportunity to co-exist with us.
  • Below you will find the organizations we support all over the world. By simply purchasing our products, you are helping us help those at the frontline, on the ground doing amazing work.
  • For more information on each individual organization, click on their links below. Should you wish to find out more information on how to qualify for our sponsorship programme, please get in touch via: charity@shearwatereco.com